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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Boys' New Pirate Room

In case you did not read the old post about my boys' room , I have two boys and they share a room. They are about 9 years apart so I did not want anything to babyish or to teen like. I decided that pirates would be perfect. I looked all over and online to find something cute that they would both like. Everything was either to young, to old or way to expensive. I decided to try to do it by myself. I am beginning to feel a little more confident with my decorating and thought why not.

This is their room before

And, this is there room now.

This is Gabriels bed. I bought the comforter at Target for $17 and ordered the patch online for $4.

This is Brandons bed and I already had the comforter. I ordered his sheets off of ebay for $20. It came with the fitted and flat sheet and two pillow cases.

I bought these frames from IKEA for $2 each and printed the pictures from my computer.

I painted the pirate boat from a stencil and added Brandons pirate name. Instead of Capt. Black Beard he is our Capt. Black Brandon.

This was an existing frame that I removed the picture from. Brandon painted this treasure map and did a fine job I might add.
This is Brandons dresser and I found these wooden pirate decals at the dollar store.

This vintage pirate ship actually used to be Adams when he was a little boy.

This ship and the skeleton below I found at Michael's. I don't remember exactly how much they cost but they were around $10 each.

I have no idea where this treasure chest came from but we already had it so that worked out perfect.

I bought this fabric from Joann's and made a pillow case for both of the boys' beds. I bought Gabriel white sheet set from Walmart for $7 and the 4 pirate patches online.

These frames also came from IKEA. I think they were like $5 for both of them. The decals are the same ones from the dollar store.

And this of course is Gabriels painting. It is of a Pirate if you couldn't tell. He is so proud of it and I am so proud of him.


KATIES MOM said...

Well of course I could tell it was a pirate!!!! What Talent!!!! He must get that from his mema! Hmmmm... I know that treasure chest... it was Adam's dad's. He gave it to Adam when he was a little pirate! Love the room!! Looks like the only thing missing is a spongebob poster;)