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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And Then There Was Light

I have been seeing all of these beautiful lampshade/light makeovers all over blog land. I love all of the ideas that everyone has so I decided to try it for myself. Now, do not get me wrong. In no way are mine comparable to some of the others that I have seen. They are an improvement from their former selves and that is all I was going for.

Sorry that I do not have any before pictures. The shade with the blue flower is in my living room. All I did was hot glue some yarn onto the shade and then form a flower. The red one is a set of two and they are in my bedroom.I did the same thing with both of them minus the flower on the red ones. They add just enough character to make them look nice in each room.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cute! Love the little custom shades :)