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I am a young mom with 2 children named Gabriel and Grace. I am just moving into a new home and am learning that happiness can be found when and where you least expect it.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I always have a wreath or some type of decor on my front door. I like it when people approach my house and feel welcomed as soon as they get to the front door. I have been seeing all kinds of cool and creative wreaths and monograms so I decided to combine the two. At my most recent garage sale adventure I found a wreath for $2. It was big and ready to go. When I got home I decided to spruce it up a little and added our S to the center of it. I think it is fabulous and I hope you do too.

Enjoy your Weekend!!!


Pam said...

The monogrammed wreath does look very welcoming against the inviting red front door. Great job!

Teresa said...

Love the green against the red door. And the monogram was a nice added touch!