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Monday, June 21, 2010

Bed Tray

For Fathers Day we decided to take a trip to South Haven which is a beautiful beach town located on Lake Michigan. We try to go as often as possible. We love Clementines which is a nice little restaurant that is on the main strip of road that is surrounded by so many cute little shops. We spent the day there shopping and eating and they also had Harbor Fest. going on down by the beach. It was the perfect day.

We found a cool antique store that we had not visited before. There were so many things that I wanted to buy. I could spend my life savings in there . I held back temptation and only walked away with one small treasure.

This is a tray for breakfast in bed.
I just love that it has a slot on the side to store a couple of my favorite magazines.
Perfect in every way. It also had a cup holder for when my lover makes homemade orange juice. I placed a small old bottle with a couple of flowers in it for decoration.
On top was the perfect space for my current read. The Lovely Bones. (I know I am a little behind) I have the movie coming on Netflix so I need to hurry and finish.
I only paid $10 for this. I think it is so cute and adds that extra bit of charm and character to my bedroom.


Diane said...

terrys09OMGosh, this is cute, cute, cute!

Meg said...

Very cute and very charming!

Jill said...

I love love love it!! I spend a lot of time doing other things in my bed besides sleeping, so this would be perfect for me! What a great find!

Kaysi said...

That is awesome!!! I need one of those :)

Wendy said...

How cute!