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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beadboard Cabinet Doors

So, not to long ago we refinished our kitchen. We redid almost all of it. New tile floor, cabinets, paint, bead board and chair rail, back splash, buffet for extra cabinet space, lighting, small center island, dinning room table, dishwasher, sink and countertops. The best part about it is that we did it all by ourselves. It took us quit sometime and there are still little things that need to be completed but everyday we get a little closer.

Anyway, I originally wanted to do white cabinets and make them a little distressed and old looking. I read and read about how to do this but was just to afraid to try. We finally decided to paint our new unfinished cabinets and antique white. I liked them a lot but soon began to question my decision. Like I said, I was happy with them but they were not exactly what I wanted.

I was looking through my IKEA kitchen catalog when I came across these pictures

I loved the look of the bead board on the cabinets. My cabinets were just stock cabinets that we bought at Menard's. They are nice and have a nice frame on the doors but the inside of the doors was just a cheap plywood. I don't think that they looked cheap and God knows that anything was better than what we had when we moved in:

These cabinets were not only old and ugly but they also had water damage and the bottoms were starting to cave in.
Just to recap, we installed the new cabinets and painted them to look like this

Like I said, I did like them but I just knew that it was not exactly what i wanted. Everywhere I looked I saw white cabinets and knew that it was only a matter of time before I would repaint them. I love the IKEA cabinets and thought that there was no reason that we couldn't do this ourselves. I told Adam about my idea and he agreed that it was great. He went to the store and bought a few packs of bead board. Two days, some white paint and sanding and $24 later this is what we had

I can not even begin to explain how happy and excited I am with how they turned out. They look so nice and I just love walking into my kitchen. They are perfect and exactly what we needed to finish the look that we were going for.


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Hi! I'm a new follower from TTA. I love your new cabinets and wish you and your hubby could come and do the same thing in my kitchen (LOL!!!).


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I love love love bead board, as well!

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They look so good now I want to do mine :0)

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Fabulous transformation! I'm a sucker for beadboard...

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It took me 4 years to get my husband to even let me paint!!! Your cabinets are fabulous! I hate my solid white cabinets... what are the new colors happening for kitchen cabinets right now?

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They look wonderful! Fabulous job!

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I love beadboard! Your cabinets are perfect!
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What a great transformation!

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Great job! They look beautiful. Your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

nice job on the cabinets Rach! I couldnt have done any better, Love MOM