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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1/2 Bath and Laundry Room

This room for sure still needs work. It is one of the spaces that just keep getting pushed back. With the arrival of our new baby girl a lot of things have been put off with no regret though. I love spending time with her and so does Adam. Family has to come first and I know you all agree with that. As you saw in the before pictures of Abbies room, the laundry room was originally in that area. This was changed and flip-flopped into the opposite wall. This took a ton of work and all of the plumbing had to be redone. Thankfully, Adam is so handy and was able to do it all by himself.

Sorry about the repost of this pic.

As with all of the other rooms, this space needed a lot of love and care. This entire room had to be stripped down to the 2x4's. All of the drywall had water damage and had to be taken down.

Work is still needed as to no suprise. The laundry is just to the right of the sink. It is not a room, just a space but it works and I like it. I must have forgotten to take a picture and I will have to remember to add that at a later date.


Misty said...

The bathroom is SUPER gorgeous now!!