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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Egg Wreath and Easter Decor

I do not own many easter/spring decorations so I was on the hunt for just a few trinkets to place around the house and a way to spruce up my living room. I decided to use an idea that I saw on Martha Stewarts website. She made these cute egg wreaths and I wanted to make one of my own just a little different.

This is the wreath that I started with. I bought it from Walmart for $3.50.

These are the three paint colors that I chose. I already had them so they were free. The names of the colors are Calypso Sky, Blue Sapphire and Fresh Foliage. I thought about using fake eggs but why when i already have some in my fridge. I used 6 eggs and just had to blow the yolks out. To do this I used a nut pick (haha) which is what you use to dig the meat from a nut. Anyway I gently poked a hole in the large end and then a small hole in the other end. When both holes were created I then gently blew into the smaller hole to blow the yolk out the opposite end. When it was empty I ran some water through it to rinse it out and left to dry. When they were dry I painted two coats of paint on each egg.

When they were dry I used a glue gun and attached them to the wreath. I hung it above my mantle that had a spring redo also. I love the way that it turned out and I hope you do too.


KATIES MOM said...

More More Encore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really like your wreath! Would love to see more!