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I am a young mom with 2 children named Gabriel and Grace. I am just moving into a new home and am learning that happiness can be found when and where you least expect it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bedroom Before and After

I am very excited to be starting this blog. I am new to this so I appologize about how horrible I am at this. We bought our house just a little over a year ago. We saw a lot of potential that not a lot of people did. We have made progress even though most days I feel like nothing ever is finished. I hope all of you enjoy these pics. as much as I do. These make me feel happy when I am having a bad day.


I know what you have to be thinking...Please tell me that she changed the color and trust me I did. This is my master bedroom and even though it is not very big it is big enough. Here are the improvements that I have made.

I just love my room and even though there are still many things that need to be finished and changed I am happy with what we have been able to accomplish this far.