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I am a young mom with 2 children named Gabriel and Grace. I am just moving into a new home and am learning that happiness can be found when and where you least expect it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This room is finally coming along. With a lot of work to begin with and a lot of work still to come, this room is very frustrating. I love where we are headed with it and I love all of our improvments but this room has taken a life time and is very slow moving.

From the pictures you can see how bad the kitchen was. There was no fridge and that is where the giant hole is next to these cupboards. The stove/oven is great and that is the only thing that we kept. The tile floor I loved but unfortunaly it was not grouted correctly and mold was growning underneath it. We ripped all of the cupboards, countertops, dishwasher, sink and tile out and pretty much started from scratch. Like I said it is a work in progress but it is finally coming along nicely.

I had to take a couple of close up pictures of my canisters and backsplash because they are the most recent additions. The canisters were given to me by my mom and they had frogs on them. A couple of coats of spray paint and some cute DIY name tags and they are as good as new.