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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A little something for my dinning room

My dinning room is not finished and it is attached to my kitchen. It is fairly large and we added a buffet with cabinets for extra storage. I have not posted any pictures or anything with my dinning room because I am hoping to have it done soon. Last night however, I was attempting to finish painting the bead board that we hung and was just not feeling it. Instead I ended up trying to hide my tv trays that are wasting space but I am to cheap to get rid of. The only time they get used is when my neices and nephews come to visit, but they do get used all the same. I do not want to get rid of them and then down the road wish that I had them. Needless to say they are in no way attractive and have nothing to add to any space in my home. In an attempt to keep them and hide them I came up with this.

The tv tray rack is in the back and I unfolded one of them and sat it in front. I used a blue sheet and drapped it over the trays to cover them up. I had the mirror given to me by my mother and I painted the wine bottles with a metallic spray paint. On each of the bottles I wrote a cute little saying. "Eat, Drink and be Merry" and the other says "Bless all who gather here". The basket was the only item that was purchased and it came from Pier 1 on sale for $5. I am happy with the final outcome and it adds a little to the space.


Anonymous said...

This looks really cute. I love the mirror.